Anodized aluminium, Threaded, IP rating: IP66/IP67。

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Welcome to SINODA, your trusted partner in electrical testing solutions. As a leading electrical testing equipment contractor and electrical tools tester supplier, we bring cutting-edge technology and expertise to the B2B sector.

Innovative Solutions for B2B Electrical Testing Needs

At SINODA, Electrical Testing Equipment Contractor, SINODA understand the critical requirements of B2B clients in the electrical industry. As a dedicated electrical tools tester supplier, we offer a wide array of industries' solutions, including Portable Electrical Test Devices, Multifunctional Electrical Testing Devices, and High Voltage Warning Devices in medical,solar power,traffic ect. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our advanced product line, featuring technologies such as Rogowski Flex Coil Current and Power Meters, Digital Multimeters, and Clamp Multimeters.

Versatile Connectors and Distribution Solutions

SINODA is not just electrical tools tester supplier ; we are your partner in achieving electrical efficiency. Our product range extends to Industrial Connectors, Heavy Duty Connectors, Circular Connectors, and the robust Distribution Box Series. Whether you require precise voltage phase meters or high voltage current measurement tools, our offerings are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Choose SINODA – your reliable electrical testing equipment contractor. Experience innovation, precision, and efficiency with our state-of-the-art products. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Male-contact plug with clamping-nut WL52J19T IP67

Male-contact plug with clamping-nut 2 WL52J19TⅡ IP67

Male-contact plug for PG29 Plastic hose adapter WL52J19TAD Ⅰ IP66

Male-contact plug for M40 ×1.5 plastic hose adapter: WL52J19TAD II WL52J19TAD Ⅱ IP66

Female-contact connector with clamping-nut WL52K19T IP67

Female-contact connector with clamping-nut WL52K19T Ⅱ IP67

Female-contact connector for PG29 Plastic hose adapter WL52K19TAD Ⅰ IP66

Female-contact connector for M40 ×1.5 Plastic hose adapter WL52K19TAD Ⅱ IP66

Square flange male contact receptacle WL52J19Z IP67

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