Application introduction of Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester

An Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester is a powerful tool used in electrical engineering to measure the resistance of the earth's surface and determine the soil resistivity. This specialized device plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical grounding systems.


A brief introduction to distribution box

The distribution box plays a crucial role in electrical systems, facilitating the safe and efficient distribution of electricity to various circuits and devices. It serves as a central hub for controlling and organizing the flow of power within buildings and facilities.


Little knowledge of distribution box

A distribution box, also known as a distribution board or a breaker panel, is a crucial component in electrical systems. It serves as a centralized point for distributing electrical power to different circuits or areas within a building or facility. The distribution box is designed to receive power from the main power source and distribute it safely to various outlets, appliances, and equipment.


How to eliminate dry-type transformer cooling fan noise

Dry-type transformer cooling fan is applied more in some farming users and factories. What impresses us most is the strong wind power and humming noise, dry transformer cooling fan in the normal operation process, because it can provide strong wind power, will produce noise, mainly including aerodynamic noise and mechanical noise two major parts, of which the intensity of aerodynamic noise is the largest, is the main part of the dry transformer cooling fan noise. For dry-type transformer cooling fan noise problem and the proposed solution to the overview.


How to deal with the bending and breaking of transformer fan spindle?

In the process of transformer fan operation, sometimes there will be bending and breaking of the main shaft, the main reasons for this phenomenon of the transformer fan are impeller grinding cast or blade scaling serious, work shaft rolling bearing grinding cast serious, the installation of the transformer fan and motor, in the maintenance did not find the right and so on.


Box-type substation common faults and handling methods

With the development of society, outdoor-type box-type substations are more and more widely used, and their internal components have been added with many products to protect and limit internal faults, such as

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