Dear users,

First of all, let us express our heartfelt thanks to the users who have purchased our instruments. We will provide lifelong service for the instruments you have purchased. I hope that our products and services will bring you the respect. In the meantime, please note the following requirements:


(I) Warranty Period:
One year (from the date written in the invoice at the time of purchase).


(II) Warranty procedures:

a. If the user needs service, he/she shall present the warranty card and the purchase invoice.

b. If the instrument needs warranty, please properly place the instrument in the original instrument packaging box and send it to us together with this warranty card.

c. The company will repair the products that meet the warranty scope free of charge, without charging any repair fee and component cost.

d. The user shall bear the one-way transportation cost of the product.


(III) Non-warranty scope:

a. Does not comply with the warranty procedures.

b. The instrument is disassembled, assembled, or repaired by an organization not authorized by the Company.

c. Battery leakage and corrosion of the circuit board.

d. The instrument is damaged by violent fall, impact or other abnormal damage.

e. Installation, operation and maintenance are not in accordance with the instructions of the original factory.

f. Battery and appearance damage.


(IV) For instruments not covered by warranty, the Company will charge the cost of components in line with the purpose of serving customers, and the transportation cost of products shall be borne by users.


(v) For the products repaired outside the scope of warranty, if the same parts are damaged again, the Company shall provide free service within six months, but the user shall bear the one-way transportation cost of the products.


(VI) The free warranty service does not include the replacement of fuses, batteries, connectors and all accessories.


(VII) The Company will not be responsible for any other losses caused by use