Circular Connector Types, Pins & Options

Circular connectors, also called “circular interconnects,” are cylindrical, multi-pin electrical connectors. These devices contain contacts that transmit both data and power. Cannon (now ITT Tech Solutions) introduced circular connectors in the 1930s for applications in military aircraft manufacturing.


What Is the Function of an Insulation Resistance Testers?

Insulation testers use a high voltage, low current DC charge to measure the resistance within wires and motor windings to identify current leakage and faulty or damaged insulation, which can lead to arc faults, blown circuits, and risk of electrical shock or fire.


What Is the Difference Between Earth Resistance Tester and Megger?

The construction of the earth tester is similar to the Megger with small modifications adding additional features. It consists of a DC generator, a rotating current reverser, a rectifier, and a PMMC instrument to measure resistance.


The important role of insulation resistance tester

An insulation resistance tester is a vital instrument used to assess the quality and integrity of insulation in electrical systems. This versatile device plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations and equipment.


Introduction to the advantages of H/L voltage current meter

An H/L voltage current meter is an essential tool in electrical engineering used to measure the voltage and current levels in high and low voltage systems. This versatile device plays a crucial role in troubleshooting, maintenance, and performance optimization of electrical installations.


What is Panel mounted socket

A panel-mounted socket is a versatile component that offers convenient access to electrical power in various applications. It is designed to be mounted directly onto a panel or surface, providing a secure and easily accessible power source for equipment and devices.

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