Solar Power



Air pollution, iceberg melting, abnormal weather phenomenon increase each day, making our blue planet less habitable. People and animals are suffering. All due to one reason, the fossil energy we reply on to power economy. That is why we must find other renewable energies, like solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, tidal power etc., which are provided by mother earth and inexhaustible in supply. Many countries increased their solar power install capacity these years and the the future is on a upward trend.

Those powers are usually converted to electricity, which need to be monitored as well. Sinoda product line has covered most instruments used in the field, as introduced in previous article of <Industry electricity>, from multi-meter, power quality analyzer, large current leakage meter, high voltage clamp ammeter, insulation resistance tester, to earth resistance tester, or other equipments that are required by the customer to diagnosis electrical parameters and waveform.


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