Industrial electricity



We are in a world of rapid changing, factories, power plants are growing around cities each day. We work in them, while they produce merchandise we consume. Electric is the key to power modern civilization. But electric needs to be monitored, otherwise it is a danger that could cause horrible accidents. Ideal power supply should be balanced and symmetrical. However, we do not live in an ideal world. Interferes influence power qualities. Sinoda power quality analyzer is ideally designed for diagnosis voltage, current, power, electrical energy, harmonic, phase, other electrical parameters and waveform.

Sinoda has been dedicated to provide accurate, anti-interference and high-end instruments for customers. Therefore, we have developed permalloy magnetic core technique and digital integration technology to enhance the stability, accuracy, and anti-interfere of our products.

In construction of those fields, there are several meters and instruments that are essential for industrial enterprise, power plants or electrical service departments.

Sinoda large current leakage meter is designed to measure up to 4000A AC.

Rogowski large current meter is designed to harsh and hard to reach environment, and can measure up to 1000A, 750 to 1000 Voltgae. This current meter is anhysteretic and has strong anti-interference ability, which is suitable for current testing in industrial environments where signals are severely distorted, such as transformer wall connected core current testing, thick wire cable testing, relay protection, thyristor rectification, semiconductor switches, power electronic conversion equipment, arc welding, etc.

High voltage clamp ammeter, can measure up to 1200A at 110KV.

Insulation resistance tester, can measure up to 30 T ohm, at 15KV.

Sinoda earth resistance testers are widely used worldwide, due to accurate and long range measurement, and various shapes that are easily adapt to field conditions.  


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